Welcome to Blue Ridge First Step
Welcome to Blue Ridge First Step. For over 19 years, Blue Ridge First Step has provided quality services to individuals suffering from alcohol and substance abuse issues. We present a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to recovery. Our services allow you to seek treatment for your addiction while continuing to work and care for your family.

Recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs is a long process that requires hard work. The staff at First Step will provide you with a safe, respectful, and confidential space from which to begin your journey. We believe that you can recover if you are willing to be honest, take suggestions, and make the changes necessary to support your new sobriety.

We are glad you are here. Your life can get better. It all starts with the first step.
Blue Ridge First Step is in-network with most insurance companies. Please call our intake department at (434) 295-0334 for more information.

Addiction - A Treatable Disease
Drug addiction - which includes alcoholism - is a chronic, progressive, and potentially fatal disease. Addiction is not a sign of weakness or immorality, nor is it an indication of lack of intelligence.
With the proper treatment, people can recover from addiction.

Breaking the cycle of addiction is difficult, but not impossible. Treatment for addiction helps people confront the physical, psychological, emotional, and social problems caused or exacerbated by their addiction. Treatment provides individuals with structure, support, education, and the practical tools they need to change their lives. The goal of treatment is to help clients resume productive and successful lives without the use of alcohol or other mood-altering substances.

Blue Ridge First Step offers a comprehensive program designed to help clients and their families and loved ones through the treatment process.